We all run into boundaries every day, whether they are preexisting or self-induced, they are still there. Boundary Jumpers can help your company over that fence and on to better sales.

Sales Cycle

sales process is a set of repeatable steps that your sales team takes to convert prospects into customers.
Do you have a process that's repeatable?


Figuring the sales cycle out is the first boundary. Next we develop an efficient process, designed for your TEAM.


Selecting the right tools and putting them into action.
Refine, refine and refine!
We should always be improving.


No sales plan is complete without marketing. Coupling sales and marketing improve the success of all your efforts. Have the right marketing pieces to work along side your sales efforts all help build your brand recognition with new and existing target markets.


We bring our clients to the max.

Sales Process

Boundary Jumpers can help you do…

Things you haven't even thought of yet.

Our Skills & Expertise

  • Global Sales Strategy and Implementation
  • Sales Process Assessment
  • Demographic Research for your Target Market
  • Sales Process Development and Testing
  • Sales Research
  • Sales Coaching
  • Presentation Development
  • Script Writing
  • List Development
  • Customized Cold Calling Campaign Development
  • Development of Lead Generation


  • Clean-up calls list
  • Pre- marketing and sales campaign database calling
  • Warm list calls
  • Donor and non-profit campaigns
  • Trade show follow-up calls
  • Direct mail campaign follow-up calls
  • Lost and inactive customer call campaigns
  • Event or seminar follow up
  • Targeting new industries and building a prospecting list
  • Helping you find your market